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Dec. 1st, 2004 @ 03:40 pm Pictures!
I'm feeling: stressed... and : busy
I'm listening to:: Green Day - Holiday
Pictures from Rocket Star last night! There's a ton, so I'll cut them.

[[Our victory expressions--note how you can see the :) that Dena drew on the window XD]]

Personally I love my 'DURRR?' expression in this one, but Joanna's expression of PURE TERROR is nice too.

Awww, look how pretty we are when we try.

So then we got the bright idea to put '50,000' on my laptop but realized it didn't fit well and so went with 50K instead.....Erin looks like she just ate something horrible. Perhaps it was a vegan blueberry chocolate chip cookie.

Lee likes to take pictures when we aren't paying attention. Hence my expression, which kind of looks like I'm trying to hit on someone o_o

And finally, third time is the charm again.

Then our lovely future municipal liason decided that my camera (NaNo is getting to me, I just wrote 'character' there) needed a shot of JUST HER FACE. So I thought I'd share that with all you as well.

We made Lee pout because she lost--but we still love her.

And finally, in case I hadn't embarrassed Dena enough yet, here she is trying to catch snow on her tongue as we walked back to campus. For those of you who wonder, she failed. XD

Now what do I do with myself!? I have no novel to write and I finished these pictures....I guess it's time to go work on my Heroes and Villains paper *sigh* Just doesn't compare to writing NaNo.

If everyone isn't TOO ridiculously busy with finals, we should try to go to Rocket Star next week for a break from studying and crap. Come on, you know you want to come....we can play Boggle >D
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