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Oct. 31st, 2004 @ 04:59 pm BookWorm
I'm listening to:: Before I Go - The Business of Indifference
Yay I'm posting for Dena because she's finishing stuff for her english class so that she can start on NaNo tonight with all the rest of us (Wah! Only 7 hours to go! My poor webcomic is going to suffer....) but anyway. Dena found this program called BookWorm that's a word processing tool for novelists--it gives you three open windows at a time; your story, character notes, and chapter notes. So yeah sounds really nifty, I downloaded it....want to look at it but it's only a 30 day trial version, and if I open it now, it'll run out before the 30th @__@

You can get it from here if you're interested!

So anyway, Happy Halloween and good luck everyone--the fun(?) starts tonight

[[Edit: Dena says it's dumb looking XD So it probably is (I haven't opened it yet) and now I bet I won't use it XD XD]]
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