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YAY NaNoWriMo!

Or, why the hell do I do this to myself year after year?

YOU'RE a Kzoo Wrimo Pants!
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This is a community for National Novel Writing Month participants residing in the Kalamazoo area... it consists mostly of college kids at WMU and K College. I have membership moderated right now, but join because it'll be fun. :D

We'll be posting insanity through the month of November, and I'll post like.. official NaNo emails and stuff like that too. And we'll all bitch and whine about how much we hate our lives and it'll be GREAT. <3 I'll also post details about when and where we'll be meeting up for events and write-ins... so far the plan is Wednesday evenings aroun 7:30 at Rocket Star Cafe on West Michigan Ave, and Saturdays... dunno what time for Saturday yet. Whenever. I plan on being there a LOT next month ;)

For anyone who doesn't know me (which is no one at this point since I came up with the idea for the community while we were sitting at Rocket Star tonight XD)... I'm denajane, your friendly neighborhood mod, and a three-time participant in NaNoWriMo. I'm a sophomore at WMU majoring in creative writing and journalism and I SWEAR TO FINISH THIS YEAR. If I do I'm thinking of applying to be a municipal liason next year because I like organizing events like meeting up at Rocket Star for hanging out and write-ins. ^^

Welcome and have fun!